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What to Expect from AA Meetings for Recovery

What to Expect from AA Meetings for Recovery

Recovery from alcoholism is a journey that requires strength, perseverance, and often, a community of individuals who genuinely understand the struggles and triumphs involved. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings play a crucial role. Serving as a cornerstone of support, these gatherings offer a safe haven for individuals looking to conquer their addiction and […]

Alcoholism and Codependency: Breaking Free from the Cycle of Enabling

Alcoholism and Codependency: Breaking Free from the Cycle of Enabling

Alcoholism not only affects the individual involved but also significantly impacts their family and social surroundings. Within this context, codependency often arises. Codependency is a behavioral condition where one person is excessively reliant on another, usually resulting in enabling behaviors that inadvertently support the alcoholic’s harmful habits. Recognizing and breaking free from the cycle of […]

How Fighting and Divorce Impact a Child’s Alcohol Use: Key Insights

How Fighting and Divorce Impact a Child’s Alcohol Use: Key Insights

Parental conflict and divorce can significantly impact a child’s well-being, particularly affecting their likelihood of alcohol use. When parents argue or go through a divorce, the emotional turmoil can be overwhelming for children, potentially leading them to seek unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol to manage their distress. Recognizing and addressing these challenges is important for […]

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Finding an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

For many people attempting to quit drinking, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings provide enormous help.
The get-togethers can be fantastic outlets for those working on recovery, with groups of others in similar situations offering support through comradery, advice, or even just active listening.
But finding the right AA meeting is almost as important as attending at all, to help ensure you connect with the group, fully engage with the meeting and its teachings, and give yourself the best possible shot to have a successful experience with the program.

Finding An Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Near You

There are several ways to find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near you.
Perhaps the easiest—and most to the point—is by using this AA Meeting Finder and searching for your preferred location.
Indeed, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be held in any number of formats in our virtual world, including through online video conferencing, phone conferencing, group emails, or chatrooms.
You might even decide—when determining what the right AA meeting for you is—that you’d prefer one of these formats to in-person meetings. Virtual meetings can actually be quite useful for those with tight schedules, transportation issues, or physical disabilities. Still, many experts advise that in-person meetings should at least be tried when a person first begins the 12 Step program.


Learn More About A.A.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) operates through group meetings where members share their experiences, follow a 12-step program, and offer mutual support for alcohol addiction recovery. It's based on community and anonymity.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is not a religious organization. It's a spiritual program, emphasizing personal beliefs and a higher power in recovery. No religious affiliation is required.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a global fellowship and recovery program for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction, emphasizing mutual support and 12-step recovery principles.

To find an AA meeting near you, visit the official AA website or contact your local AA chapter. They provide meeting information.

Expect a supportive environment, personal sharing of experiences, 12-step program discussions, and an emphasis on anonymity at an AA meeting.

To become a member of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), attend meetings, express a desire to stop drinking, and follow the 12-step program. No formal registration is required.